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2024 Wedding Inspiration You Didn't Know You Needed - And What Colours Our Couples Are Loving This Year!

The 2024 wedding season is in full swing - and there are so many trends and colour schemes that are being used for 2024 weddings that you need to know!

wedding tablescape photo from a wedding planned by green lily events in 2023
Mini + Annette @luke_j_bell

Starting off... colours.

2024 is a big year for colour schemes - gone are the muted, neutral, cooler colours of the past! 2024 is all about bringing in the bright colours and the florals. I’m talking bright greens, blues, pinks, yellows. All the colours. Wildflowers are so popular for this year - and all the peaches and lemons!


Now this isn’t to say that these colours have to be everywhere, our 2024 brides are using these colours in small, statement bursts throughout their colour schemes.

Go loud with your flowers. Go loud with your table train. Don’t be scared of colours just because they aren’t “traditional” - they can still be classy.

Next up the details! So many 2024 brides and grooms are opting for private vows before their ceremony.

This is such a special detail to add to your big day - they let you have a moment with your partner that isn’t about people watching you, it’s all about you, them, and your feelings for each other. With zero pressure.


The final piece of wedding inspiration I can give you is this: Don’t have TOO much inspiration!

Having hundreds of photos on your pinterest board isn’t going to give you a clear picture of your day, it’s going to muddle up your vision and can make planning your big day so much harder and more confusing for you.

So choose 25 or less pins to save and get a clear picture of what you want so that you can show this to your wedding planner and have the day you’ve always dreamed of!

Enquire through our website if you want to be a 2025/26 Green Lily couple! Let’s make magic together!


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