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Introducing... Green Lily, The Published Professional Wedding Coordinator Based in Surrey!

Precious, a professional wedding coordinator based in Surrey
Precious - CEO Green Lily Events

Hi, I’m Precious - Wedding Planner, 2022 Bride and CEO of Green Lily Events.

Starting from the beginning, Green Lily Events was born during covid. I decided to start planning Exclusive Surrey Wedding Events because taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life finally gave me the space to decide what I wanted out of mine. And I decided that I wanted to help give other couples the Wedding Day of their dreams.

I work alongside my husband Sean, which is fab! I have to say that getting to sign off on his annual leave is one of my favourite parts! Seriously though, we both have separate strengths and therefore we lead on different projects and just support each other's different ones. Sean’s love is for festivals and bars whereas mine is for weddings and anything pretty. So although we sit in the same office, our projects don’t overlap, it’s great because we both still get to be excited about our own thing and discuss it at the end of the day. 

I thought it would be super fun to share some fun facts about me so:

  • I love skiing!

  • The way to my heart is through an oyster or six, I LOVE seafood

  • I learned to scuba dive last year and now I get in the water at any chance I can! The idea of open water used to make me super uncomfortable and learning to scuba dive has massively helped me overcome that fear.

My social time is spent with my girl friends, I have a super close group of girls that have helped me through the best and worst times and I love nothing more than an evening spent on one of their sofas catching up. 

The biggest thing about me is my life motto - “Jump Out of The Boat”. I will literally try anything once, whether it’s food, an activity, or a destination. But I am a firm believer in just being spontaneous and trying it. 

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