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Christmas Wedding Favourites From a Wedding Planner of 10+ Years!

If you're thinking about planning a Christmas wedding, there are a few things you absolutely must keep in mind to ensure the vibes are perfect for the festive season! Let's delve into the details...

Firstly, consider the color palette. For Christmas, we typically think of bright reds, muted golds, dark greens, and the classic plaid pattern. Keep this in mind when choosing your color scheme, as it will help set the overall ambiance of your big day. For instance, if you're aiming for a Christmas theme, avoid incorporating bright pinks or yellows, as they exude a more spring-like vibe.

In line with the color scheme, the next aspect to consider is your décor. Décor can transform the entire look of your wedding and potentially give your wedding photos a completely different theme than what you had in mind. For a Christmas wedding, here are a few décor items that you should consider adding to truly capture the essence of the season:

Fairy Lights: Fairy lights are an adorably versatile addition to any wedding, especially during Christmas. They impart a warm and cozy feel to your big day, creating an ambiance that's simply irresistible.

Garlands: Alongside being a charming decorative touch, hanging garlands around your venue will further immerse your guests in the Christmas spirit, making your photos resemble a picture-perfect winter wonderland.

Candles: Christmas embodies warmth and coziness, and nothing evokes those feelings quite like candles. Incorporate candles into your table décor, line them along your aisle, or create a floating candle display at the entrance – candles undoubtedly elevate any setting.

One crucial element that hasn't been mentioned yet is your venue. It's paramount to choose a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, while also exuding a winter wedding atmosphere. You'll want a venue with a lovely outdoor area (in case of snowfall, you can capture picturesque snowy photos to cherish forever) and a cozy indoor space – envision a venue with an open fireplace and a warm, wintery ambiance that perfectly complements your wedding theme.

Incorporate festive twists into your big day – consider indulging your guests with hot chocolate stations, Christmas cracker stations, and yuletide bouquets. Another festive twist is to replace "normal" canapés with delectable mince pies and festive drinks (think mulled wine or even create your own signature festive cocktail tailored specifically to your big day!). Dried flower bouquets also align beautifully with the winter theme and can seamlessly tie your big day together when incorporated into your décor and potentially your bouquet as well.

Finally, to prepare your guests for a winter/Christmas wedding, set the tone from the very beginning. Convey your theme clearly on your invitations and save-the-dates. You want your guests to grasp your theme right from the invitations, which can be achieved through the color palette, the design elements, or even by explicitly stating that your big day will be Christmas-themed. Additionally, include festive details on your wedding stationery. The little details hold immense significance – don't forget to infuse them with festivity!

If you require assistance in planning your Christmas wedding, feel free to reach out to us through our website!

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